ALL RISK Security Services

EU–SEC SECURITY GROUP developed a security construction for companies and individual persons where the biggest advantage is the complete assurance of a complex security concept, covering all risks; primarily in the fields of security of goods, protection of property and prevention. The Company assumes compensation coverage and responsibility for the remaining risks.

We offer complex solutions not only for private security, property insurance and related activities, services and cooperation but for their prevention and the extrapolation of these risks altogether!

Our “All Risk” security & insurance service package covers the following cases for our customers:

  • Financial damages (elementary, fire, crime-related)
  • Damages related to professional activities
  • Damages related to failed decisions of senior executives
  • Damages occurring from malfunctioning electric equipment and instruments
  • Damages related to software and data carrier damages alongside with data loss
  • Damages related to machinery breakdown and shutdown
  • Damages concerning deliveries
  • Damages concerning industrial accidents related to the employer’s responsibility
  • Damages related to lessor and tenant activities
  • Damages related to constructional, assembly and technical implementations
  • Damages related to frozen goods
  • Damages related to environmental pollution
  • Damages related to operator activities
  • Damages related to plant production areas and activities as well as livestock
  • Damages related to production and commerce
  • Damages caused by our associates to the Contractor (due to intentional, severely negligent work performance)