Safeguarding Services

The safety of our clients is ensured and continuously up-to-date by our guarding services. Improvement of the security level of objects is ensured by our Company with cutting-edge security systems optimized to the tasks and the protective purposes, taking the environmental circumstances into consideration. The systems are installed at our own costs, without contractual obligation for several years.

The EU–SEC SECURITY GROUP provides everlasting guarantee to the installed systems!

During the fulfillment of our services, we provide 24/7 availability, continuous professional support and advisory services to our customers. In case of unexpected situations on areas guarded by our Company, effective, lifesaving, damage-preventing and damage mitigation activities are guaranteed by our regulated instructional and action code as well as our qualified associates.


  • Object guarding – safeguard activities
  • Patrol services, guarding with dogs
  • Reception services
  • Armed security guards
  • Patrol services of public spaces
  • Security services in institutes
  • Dispatcher and operator services
  • Event security services
  • Bodyguard and security driver services
  • Occasional protection of relocations
  • Security courier service
  • Postal services (mail openings, registration, expedition)
  • Security service for financial institutes
  • Security shipping of goods and found, and hazardous substances
  • Transport escort services
  • Store security service
  • Plainclothes security and detective services